Wednesday, April 10, 2013

11 Weeks

I've seen different pregnancy questionnaires on blogs the last few years and have always really enjoyed them. I decided that with this pregnancy I would keep better track of my progress than I did with Landon. I didn't do a horrible job last time but it was kind of jumbled. It'll probably still be jumbled.

Anyway, here we go... at almost 11 weeks!

Pregnancy Questionnaire

How far along: 10 Weeks 6 Days

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I was up 2lbs last week... feels more like 10 cause I'm SO bloated.

Maternity clothes: I've bought one shirt thus far and I've already decided that I don't like it - haha. I've worn it and washed it though so I'm stuck with it. I did break out an old plain white maternity shirt for my weekly picture - I'm hoping to wear the same shirt in each photo. Pants are fitting alright so far.

Stretch marks: I luckily didn't get any with Landon so we're hoping that trend continues.

Sleep: I'm sleeping pretty well - despite the random wake up to pee. As long as I don't chug a bunch of water right before bed I'm usually good. I was having some insanely vivid dreams - I remember that with Landon as well. But they seem to be happening less and less.

Best moment last week: 
Seeing this little one's heart beat a few weeks ago topped things so far!

Movement: Not yet.

Food cravings: Everything?! First craving was for Root Beer. That was at about 6 weeks. Then on three separate nights I needed to have Sour Patch Kids. Last week? Waffles. With bacon. And syrup. :)

Gender: I have a feeling... we'll see in about 7-8 weeks.

Labor signs:  Nope

Belly button - in or out? In... it never popped with Landon.

What I miss: Wine - I might just copy and paste this every.single.week.

What I am looking forward to: I ordered a Doppler on Amazon yesterday so that should be delivered tomorrow or Saturday. Hopefully we can located Baby 2.0's heartbeat!

Milestones: Almost out of 1st tri!

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