Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Well... 11 weeks?! How did THAT happen???

Oh how time has flown by!!! Our little Landon is 11 weeks old!!! My gosh... it seems like yesterday I was just writing his birth story!

We've had some milestones since my last post at a mere 7 weeks old - my apologies for not updating more often, it's a little harder now a days to get a free minute and when I do get a free minute, the dishes, my shower, workout, or vacuuming just seem more important than blogging - true story!

Poor Landon was diagnosed with Acid Reflux about 3 or 4 weeks ago - a mild case but non-the-less it's not fun. It makes for some really undesirable feeding sessions. This is my favorite new blog regarding reflux info. Think spitting up... excessively... like projectile?! Then comes the screaming after the bottles gone - and at first thought was that he was still hungry - not the case because this just adds to the spit up. Great right? Oh and don't forget the fact that he'd need to be kept upright for AT LEAST 30 minutes after eating which really didn't work anyway cause the second you lay him down and pick him up again, more would come up. Enter Zantac (not Xanax like Adam first thought we were giving him... that's for an entirely different problem?!) - .8ml 2x per day - a very minuscule amount but it's been a savior. I have a happy baby now... most of the time. He still spits up but not nearly as much. He still cries sometimes after bottles but not the blood curdling, ohmageez, I'm in so much pain screams like before. I've found that a pacifier for a few seconds after taking the bottle out of his mouth seems to make him realize that he really is full and that he really just wants to suck on something.

On a better note - Then there's the smiling - oh gosh - the smiling! I love it! Especially right when he wakes up from his naps... it's SO stinkin cute and makes my heart melt.

He's been on a pretty good schedule lately too. He's usually up for the day around 8am and we get him dressed and have our first bottle. Then we play a little bit and sometimes he hangs out in his bouncer while I work out or we've been known to make an early morning trip to the park for a jog :) Then I can count on a LONG nap in the morning around 10 or 11am that lasts usually until 1:30 or 2... sometimes even 2:30! That's usually when I get my shower in. When he finally wakes up he'll eat again and he's usually up until about 5 - sometimes he'll take another short nap but it's never very long. This is the time when we can usually get a good car trip in so if I have any errands to run - I better do them now... if I snooze... I lose!!! Cause after he eats again at 5 or 6pm, it's lights out until about 9pm. I WISH he wouldn't take this long afternoon nap cause it makes me feel bad for wanting to start his bedtime routine right when he wakes up. Nonetheless, once he gets up we feed him again and hang out for a little bit until we are almost ready for bed too. Then we give him his bath, swaddle him up real good and it's lights out again! :) MOST of the time I can count on him being a good baby and letting mommy sleep until at least 4am - however, that said - sometimes it's only 2am and most recently 5am :) After that bottle he usually will only last in his own crib until Adam gets up for work at 6:30 or 7am... but I've found if I bring him in to cuddle with me he won't need to eat again until his 8am bottle. PHEW... that was a long winded account of how my day's have gone for the last month... sheesh. 

Anyway, all this will probably change here shortly because come the 28th of June, I get to go back to work. I'm so not looking forward to it but hey... we're broke... the bill collectors are beginning to call for all the hospital bills we racked up in March from his delivery and his NICU stay. Payment plans... I THINK SO!!!

So, the plan is that Adam will watch him on Monday's cause that's his day off. Then our neighbor has so graciously offered to watch him the rest of the days for only $50 per week (this is 1/2 the price of daycare!). Thankfully I'm only planning to go back at 30 hrs per week so I can work a full day on Monday's and the rest of the week I'll be working 7am-1pm. Not too shabby so I can't complain.

What else have we been up to since I last updated?! I wish I could report that he's learned to roll over or something but no such luck - he hates tummy time so we haven't done TOO much of that. I try to every day actually but it lasts MAYBE 5 minutes. He loves to play on his back though so maybe that's coming soon. He does love his little sunshine toy that attaches to his bouncer or his carseat - it makes him smile SO big. It plays music if you pull on it and he's even made it play since he's started reaching out toward it to grab it. Also he's ALMOST big enough for his Baby Einstein bouncer toy... it says he needs to be able to sit up before he can use it but with a blanket behind him to prop him up he seems to really like it... for your viewing pleasure...

Friday, June 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Adam!!!

Oh my!... my man turned the big 3-0 on Wednesday!!! 

In honor of him I thought it might be time to post a recipe. It really has been a while since I posted one! I know I've been a horrible blogger since Landon was born and I haven't updated nearly enough!!! I can only do so much one-handed typing though (he's asleep in my arms right now!) But anyway, one of Adam's favorite restaurants is the Outback Steakhouse however since we are broke (whats new?) and I remembered we had this gem collecting dust under our counter, I thought I'd give it a go!!! :)

Great American Steakhouse Onion Machine

Now, I have to say, we've tried this thing before... it sucked. We could never get the coatings in the instruction book to work and it always turned out like crap. However this time... it turned out AWESOME!!! 

If you don't have access to the onion machine (I imagine not since I could only find it for sale anymore on ebay?!) Here's instructions from Allrecipes.com to hand slice it:

***To slice onion: slice 1 inch off of the top and bottom of the onion and remove the papery skin. Use a thin knife to cut a 1 inch diameter core out of the middle of the onion. Now use a very sharp, large knife to slice the onion several times down the center to create 'petals': First slice through the center of the onion to about three-fourths of the way down. Turn the onion 90 degrees and slice it again in an X across the first slice. Keep slicing the sections in half, very carefully until the onion has been cut 16 times. Do not cut down to the bottom of the onion. (The last 8 slices will be difficult, be careful).*** 

Ok so... once you have your onion sliced you need to soak it in ice water root side up for 1 hour. I guess this helps separate the petals and makes them nice and full which helps to coat the onion better. 

While its soaking you can prepare the dry mixture which all we did was just take a bunch of flour along with random spices (Johnnys, pizza seasoning, garlic powder, onion salt, paprika, ground mustard...etc... whatever you have on hand that sounds good). Throw it all in a bag large enough to fit your onion.

The wet coating you'll need is Tempura. Mix it according to the package instructions (I did notice this works best if you leave it a little thick... so use a little less water than instructed). 

After an hour, remove your onion from the ice water and shake dry. Coat with your tempura mixture making sure to get down in between all the petals. Move onion to your bag of dry coatings (this got messy for us!) And shake it... shake it baby shake it!!! :) Remove onion and place it on a plate. Again separate the petals and make sure that the dry coating got down into all the crevices! 

I forgot to mention you need a pretty good size deep fryer (or I guess a large pot would work too but have fun with that?!). We heated oil to about 375 degrees and cooked our onion till she was golden brown!!! 

Look at this beauty... oh it was good!!!

OH! I almost forgot... the sauce! I found a few different variations of the ingredients online for this. I have to be honest, we kind of make-shifted?! Here's the ingredients we used, however, the measurements are questionable so I'm not including them :)
  • Mayo
  • Ketchup
  • Chili Sauce
  • Cheyenne pepper
One last recipe that I attempted was the Outback Steakhouse Bread... it didn't turn out :( BUT - I have to admit that I was in a hurry cause Landon was starting to get fussy. You just can't rush making bread!!! Adam ate a lot of it anyway so maybe it wasn't THAT bad but it was not picture worthy! I'm going to try it again when I have more time :) If it comes out better I'll post it.

Alright folks that's all for now... my arm is asleep from holding Landon this whole time and I need to shower! CHEERS!!!