Sunday, December 19, 2010

More Fun With FOOOOOD!!!!

I'm continually amazed by how much Landon LOVES trying new foods and how good he is with his little pincer grip and hand eye coordination!

He still loves his string cheese! And new recent favorite is watermelon! Here's little man showing off his skills! :)

Another fun night was when we had spaghetti! He was slurping his noodles and he loved the sauce too... enjoy!

On the crawling front... he's everywhere.  Makes me REALLY wish our floors were finished. Ah, someday?! His favorite thing is to crawl over to the baby gate we have in between our kitchen and dining room, stand up, and play with the puppies on the other side.
My pukey boy... in his favorite spot :)
He'll most definitely be walking soon too because he pulls up on everything, he'd rather be standing than sitting, and he makes his way ALL the way around our coffee table. :)

Till next time! Cheers!

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Day FULL of Milestones!

Wow... today was sure a busy day for mister Landon! 

It all started with a call from the babysitters that he had a little rash on his who ha... hmmm, that's weird?! First diaper rash??? Wasn't there last night when I put him down and Adam didn't mention it this morning but they cleaned him up and put some Desitin on him and all seemed to be well. 

When I got home from work we checked him out, didn't look too bad so we went on our merry way. Shortly after I laid him down for his nap but he knows how to go from laying down to sitting to standing now a days (started that about a week ago... the missing link and all?!) so his actual nap time takes a little longer. Finally he laid down and I went on my way cleaning my house - ah it's so nice to have a clean house! 

After about an hour and a half I go in to check on him and this is what I find... 

Yes, this is how we nap now... how is this even comfortable?!?!
After his nap, the rash seemed a lot worse so more cream and another warm rag and all is well again. Then I remember that my mom told me one time that I always would get a diaper rash when I was trying to pop out a tooth so low and behold... that damn eye-tooth is all swollen again! So maybe it'll actually break through this time?! Time will tell!

Later in the afternoon I was playing with him in the living room and got this video...
So pissed that he can't get anywhere!!!

About 20 minutes later... we've got it!!!
Off we go!!!

After that it was over... he's all over the place now. And if he can get close enough to something to pull up on, which is everything, he's standing in no time. I have a feeling that crawling isn't going to last long. 

On to the next adventure... walking. GAH!
Until next time... cheers!!!

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