Tuesday, August 2, 2011

16 Months!

My little man is growing up waaaaay too fast!

Last week we had what should have been his 15 month check up but since we were preoccupied with the move it took me a bit to find a pediatrician that we liked. I settled on Harbor Pediatrics - they are wonderful for anyone looking for a new doctor.

Landon toddled all over the exam room while I filled out all the paperwork and chatted with the nurse. Little man is now 25 1/2 lbs and 31 1/2 inches! He's grown almost an inch already since we moved two months ago!
There are about 5 pediatricians in the practice and we saw Dr. Drummand - she's very nice and I think we'll like our visits with her. She went over Landon's development over the last 16 months and basically just got to know us and our family history. He's right on track for everything developmentally and she thinks he's doing just perfect. {We knew that though right???} :)

So in other news, I came home from my photography class tonight to find Landon still awake - which is really weird cause it's almost 9pm usually by the time I get home. Well, turns out, Adam laid him down like normal around 8pm but that little guy escaped from his crib!!! He made it all the way downstairs {safely thank goodness} before he was discovered. He apparently thought it was histerical?!
Great. I'm hoping it was a fluke... because I'm so not ready for a toddler bed yet!

Oh, he also put his shoes on all by himself today! Correct feet and everything! :)

My big boy!