About Us

My name is Katrina, people call me Katie. My husband's name is Adam. I figured after three years it's about time to update our "about us" section. We are a couple of mid-thirties kids :) It's been a crazy ride! I started blogging shortly after I found out I was pregnant with Landon (July 2009) to document our antics. Along with Landon updates, I hoped to write about my obsession of taking pictures (mostly of him), our dogs, our love of cooking and all else that is our world. Hopefully you'll find something here you like!

Here's a little look into the beginning of "us":

 One of our 1st photos :)

Adam and I met in March of 2001. Rather, we started dating then... we met much earlier.

As an AXiD "sorority girl" I used to hang around his fraternity back my sophomore year of college. They were the "it" fraternity at the time and a few of my sisters were dating guys from the house. At one time I remember Adam flirting with me and telling me that he'd cook me the best steak dinner I'd ever had, he wrote my number down on his whiteboard (where now, I can only imagine how many other numbers went on that board?!) and then... he never called!

Months later I ran into him into the hall on my way to class and I joked about where's my dinner... we laughed and went on our way.

No call.

Then it came time for my spring Rose Formal. Of course I wasn't too focused on getting a date cause at the time I'd probably sworn off guys for the 50th time but my roommate, Renon aka The Matchmaker, saw it necessary that I have a date AND that he must be a Sig Ep :)

One morning I was doing Tae Bo in the living room of our apartment and apparently their house was BBQing at the park across the street. Renon, being their sweetheart and the matchmaker she was, hand picked Adam and told him that he's going with me. She even made him come over and re-meet me... so he showed up to see me in my sweaty, booty shorts, work-out glory. Awesome - I felt kind of like a loser. She also informed him that he would be coming to the Initiation party that night that was taking place at our apartment.

Well, we must have hit it off that night our something because we've been together ever since. I'm not gonna lie, I got drunk... maybe he got drunk?! We made out :) And then he even forgave me that I drank too much and had my head in the toilet for a good part of the night. And he still went to the formal with me a few weeks later.

At my Spring Rose Formal

4 years later Adam proposed on Feb 14th, 2005!
I was at the gym like normal, on Valentine's Day... kind of pissed off cause we didn't have some romantical night planned (that I knew of?!). Turns out, Adam had got off work early that day and went down the Fred Meyer Jewelers (who I DO NOT recommend in any way shape for form due to later events from my ring), purchased the wedding set we had looked at a few weeks earlier, came home and made an absolutely awesome dinner (as always), and waited for me to get home. As we were finishing dinner, I remember asking if he was ok cause he didn't eat much and he started in with his schpeal :) He told me that he was just nervous cause he's sorry that he didn't have flowers or a card for me for Valentine's day BUT it didn't matter cause he had one of "these" as he pulled out the ring. It's pretty much a blur after that but he said some very loving words and asked me to marry him. Obviously, I said yes!!!

We had a year long engagement and were married at my parents house in Longbranch, WA on July 29th, 2006. Everything turned out SO perfect. I couldn't have asked for a better day.

3 years later we decided that maybe it was time for a mini-Schultz and that to start we'd just "let it happen"... it didn't take long! Only 3 months and we found out I was expecting! That's about the time I started this blog so a lot of my older posts go through my pregnancy, which was super easy, minus a Dx of Gestational Diabetes around 30 weeks. On March 29th, 2010 Landon Ward Schultz was born and has since become the new love of our lives.

Landon is now 3 years old! Time has gone SO fast and we are just loving life with him! He amazes me every single day with how smart he is and how quickly he's learning and growing.

I hope to continue to blog - even though I know I've slacked over over the last few years. But we're on to our next journey cause we're expecting again! We are over the moon excited to give Landon a sibling... he's pretty excited too!

I hope you enjoy following our journey and that maybe something I write will help you along yours.