Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy 7 Week Birthday Landon!!!

I know... it's not really a milestone... but we had an appt today with Dr. C so it kinda felt like it :)

Landon is 7 weeks... holy crap! Where has the time gone and WTH have I done with the last month and a half??? Well... there's been a lot of sitting around, gazing at each other, daytime TV, spitting up, crying, diaper changes, tummy time, learning to type one handed **wink**, trial and error, oh... and SMILES! He learned to smile - and I keep telling myself (and him) that it's not just gas :)

 My phone takes crappy pictures but you take what you can get!!! :)

Anyway, he's now 9 1/2 lbs! Quite the gain from his 6 lb 14 oz beginning! It's amazing and I see him grow little by little every day. I wish I caught how long we was now but there seems to have been some question on that from the very beginning anyway. He goes in next week for his 1st set of shots... I'm so not excited about that but hopefully it'll be quick and Dr. C says he should sleep A LOT afterward :) 

Oh speaking of sleep! We'll see how tonight goes but the last 2 or 3 nights he's slept almost through the whole night! By almost I mean 5-6 hours :) WOOT WOOT! Momma's getting some rest finally! 

Anyway, as for me... I had my first appt with Dr. C postpartum too... that was fabulous... I'll spare you the details :) Although I do have to be a little bit of an attention whole for a minute to say that I'm down 9 POUNDS from my pre-pregnancy weight. And it feels GOOD to have your Dr comment on it!!! Go me :) 

Until next time... :)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Well, my very first mother's day has come and gone. It was good, not great cause I miss my mom and would have REALLY loved to have spent the day with her but Adam's mom was visiting so it was nice to have her for the weekend. We didn't really do much though; he made us breakfast and gave me a sweet card that made me cry of course... postpartum emotions are still running wild I suppose :)

As far as Landon, well he isn't treating his mommy very nice this mother's day. He's 6 weeks old tomorrow... I'm not sure how that happened?!?! And everyone tells me babies have a growth spurt around this time... I think the same thing happened around 3 weeks but that seems like a distant memory at this point so this too will hopefully pass as quickly as it came. He's just been super fussy... if he's not sleeping or has a bottle in his mouth he seems to be crying bloody murder. And trust me... just because a bottle shuts him up doesn't mean he's hungry. If he's not... it all comes right back up!!! Which makes for lots of wardrobe changes... for mommy and for Landon :(

Anyway, I really should be updating more with all his milestones but gosh... who knew being a stay at home mom for a minute was this demanding??? Lets see... he lost his belly button stump finally so he got his first "real" bath at like 5 weeks....
Daddy thought pouring water on his face was a good idea :) He didn't seem to mind though.

What else? Oh... we got a smile and what might have been a giggle the other day... or it could have been gas?! He's not very consistent so we never can really tell?!