Saturday, July 20, 2013

25 Weeks

I suck. I haven't done the survey since 11 weeks... oops. We knew that was going to happen right? Oh well. 

Here goes. I wanted to add non cell phone pics... but lets just face it, I'm so lazy. Don't mind the toilet... we're potty training still.

How far along: 25 Weeks 2 Days

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Only about 5lbs which I'm astounded by! But... you have to take into consideration that during the first trimester I lost almost 10lbs after not being able to eat and getting the stomach flu?!

Maternity clothes: I've bought nothing but shirts this time. I thought for a while there the only thing getting bigger were my boobs. They seem to have slowed and now my belly is starting to poke out. I'm still wearing most of my regular pants as long as they are really low rise - otherwise I bought a new BeBand and that seems to work for the few pairs of pants that I can't button.

Stretch marks: I luckily didn't get any with Landon so we're hoping that trend continues. 

Sleep: Other than having a little bit of insomnia when I first lay down I'm doing pretty good - except to get up at least once to pee.

Best moment last week: I'm just trying to enjoy what little time I have left being a mom of ONE.

Movement: All the time - except this time it's LOW - like I feel like he's going to kick out my vag.

Food cravings: Food cravings have subsided - thankfully. Most recently again was root beer... or just ice cold soda in general?! And this morning... milk. I craved milk with Landon.

Gender: Boy... again. Still.

Labor signs: OMG, the Braxton Hicks are going to be the death of me this time. I don't remember having them this early - or barely at all with Landon. This time I get them whenever I am exerting myself too much or if I go from laying down/sitting to standing too quickly.

Belly button - in or out? In... it never popped with Landon.

What I miss: Wine. And being able to move quickly.

What I am looking forward to: Being done. Having an outside baby... this also scares the shit out of me.

Milestones: 25 weeks... viability baby!