Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Potty, Potty, Potty!

Landon turned 3 on March 29th. THREE!

I had high hopes of potty training much earlier however he had NO interest. He still had no interest going into his very first Spring Break from daycare but I took the opportunity to implement what I'd like to call Potty Training Bootcamp. 

Nothing glamorous about it. Underwear.All.Week. 

I was off for most of the week with the exception of two days for a few hours so starting on Mon April 1st we went straight to underwear. I'd tried this before but never for more than over a weekend.

  • Day 1: LOTS of accidents. Nothing in potty.
  • Day 2: One morning accident. Nothing in potty. I think he held it after the first accident until he napped cause he woke up wet. Then he held it again from then until he took a bath.
  • Day 3: One pee accident right after breakfast. He sat on the potty before nap for literally 35 min watching Netflix on my phone and nothing. I even gave him more liquids this day. I even ran to the grocery store and totally forgot that he was in underwear... he held it! Thank goodness!
  • Day 4: He spent the night at my mom's and wouldn't go all day. 
  • Day 5: I woke up SO.FREAKING.SICK. - we laid in bed all morning watching movies. Mid-morning I finally put him in a pair of underwear and what does the little stinker do? Of course he pee's in my bed as we're watching TV. So I strip him and let him play naked while I stripped the bed. Next thing I know his little potty in the bathroom is singing away?! 

What?!??! Then I hear him. "Momma, I peed!"

How that little child had anymore pee in him after wetting my bed is beyond me but OMG - we just had our first pee on the potty!!! After that we had SIX more pee's on the potty that night.

Saturday and Sunday were equally as well - with peeing anyway?! We even went out to dinner on Sunday and he went in a PUBLIC potty! It's a start and I'll take it! I think we are finally on our way to being potty trained! 


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